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Todd A. Harding, J.D.

Todd A. Harding, J.D.

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Our Practice Areas

General Civil

If you are being sued or have been wronged in some way that cost you money, we can get compensation for your damages.

Personal Injury

If you have been hurt (car/truck accident, slip and fall, or by a defective product) we can help you.

Domestic Family Law

Divorces (with or without children), Legitimations, Adoptions, Name changes, Custody or Child support modifications

Criminal Defense

From Drug cases to Murder charges, do not let the State ruin your life with prison time. We do not believe that you are guilty just because a police officer arrested you and we know that sometimes good people do bad things. Contact us and we will reach out to your loved one.

Post-conviction Assistance

After you have been convicted the process has just begun. Do not let your loved one sit in prison without having us look at the case to see what errors were made. Errors are always made, if they are big enough you can use them for leverage to overturn the conviction or force a better sentence for you or your loved one. Appeals are just the beginning. Appeals, Sentence modification, Habeas Corpus, Void Sentences, Mergers.

Parole, Probation, SORRB

Parole Petitions: You need someone to tell your story to the Parole Board. We also handle Parole and Probation Violations, Retroactive First Offender Petitions, SORRB and Registry modifications.

Why The Harding Law?

No one is an island unto themselves, it always takes a team to win the battle. We have a team that will work diligently for you

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Family Law

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